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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Top 5 actresses Bollywood 3D image

The most definitive rating index of Bollywood stars and additionally the facility they yield over the masses, supported their quality, performance and visibility the ‘T Score’ is calculated by measurement varied parameters ranging from Box geographical point performance general people likes to on-line following and extra.

Popularity is that the foremost among fans across mediums further because the internet and Social Media.
Calculated month-on-month, on-line media might be a dynamic index and so a awfully current live of a Celebrity’s power as important the opposite just the once recent report.

To the list of top 5 Actresses Celebs:


Popular Rank no. 01: Katrina Kaif
Popular Rank no. 02: Sonam Kapoor
Popular Rank no. 03: Sonakshi Sinha
Popular Rank no. 04: Kareena Kapoor
Popular Rank no. 05: Priyanka Chopra